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Uhive is a social media app that’s aiming to create real disruption by placing user privacy at the absolute core of its values, giving back a substantial share of revenue, and introducing an entirely new content discovery UX. Individuals are given the option to communicate publicly or try on a new identity and anonymously interact with one another in the ultra-private Free world. While our revenue-share model rewards users whose content we monetize with an impactful percentage, creating a robust community, and truly giving power back to the people.

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Uhive was launched on Google Play and the App Store just over one year ago as an early access app. This gave us time to “test the waters” and gauge user feedback over a period of time while we kept the app in stealth mode (in other words – we never publicly launched). Over the past 12 months we exclusively invited 1,000s of productive and creative social media accounts to start posting content and create their profiles on Uhive. We listened to their feedback and continuously re-developed the app until here we are. With 100,000 users signed up and actively using Uhive we have decided the time is right to publicly launch Uhive and invite the world to a new social universe.

David Pérez has joined Uhive, you should too. Early Registration Rewards Available Now. Download the application here:


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